About Funatix

Founded in 2015, Funatix is a technology company oriented to the development of online sport-management games.
By using methodologies from the online gaming industry with an enhanced game mechanism we are taking the classic sport-management games to the next level.

We also offer our users a cross-field intensive engagement, so fans have a way to engage their passion and love for the game on all media channels, every day, all season long.

Feel The Game

Real Manager© by Funatix, is a global Fantasy Sports platform which combines the classic Fantasy Sport with the world of online games and social networks.
The game empowers fans experience, increases user engagement and provides a comprehensive solution to common retention issues.

The game answers the Fantasy Sports industry main challenge: How to keep the game relevant and the fans interested EVERY day ALL season long.


Ohad Crystal CEO
Lishar Bahar CTO, Founder
Yoni Ben Simhon COO, Founder
Ori Refael Back-end & Algorithms Team Leader
Evgeny Klainer Front-end Team Leader
Eli Chitrit Art Director
Matan Vaknin Front-end developer
Andrey Fiodorov Back-end Developer
Roma Chychkovych Front-end Developer


Aviv Cohen Board Director
Efraim Barak Advisory Board Member
Avram Grant Advisory Board Member
Ilcho Gjorgjioski Advisory Board Member

“Innovation broadens the appeal of fantasy sports and data shows tremendous gains in the scale of participation and economic impact.” (Paul Charchian, FSTA President)

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At Funatix we are constantly exploring collaboration options with Sport Leagues, Media Publishers, Data Companies and other global sport-oriented entities.

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